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Having a rug in your home or office can really spruce up the space. It can bring together the room or add a great deal of color. It can improve the flow of a room. There are many different types of rugs, such as Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Afghan rugs, Pakistan rugs, Portuguese rugs, Indian rugs, Chinese rugs, Silk rugs, Romanian rugs, Antique rugs, and a whole lot more. These different rugs are made up of the finest in fabrics and have sometimes been carefully made with beautiful art. These rugs are ultimately priceless and a great deal of time has gone into them. As a result, some time needs to be spent maintaining them so that they always look beautiful for many years to come. Don’t let your expensive rug become dirty to look at. Hire a professional when you need it thoroughly cleaned. We offer oriental rug cleaning in Los Angeles.

Our advanced technology and progressive solutions, combined with our well-trained professionals guarantee that your rugs are cleaned to perfection. Our trained staff is highly skilled with the materials and fabrics used in unique rugs. They know which solution to use on which type of fabric. They know what is best for your oriental rug. Here are some tips for keeping your rug as clean as possible:

  1. Keep a mat outside of your front door for guests to wipe off their feet before entering. Make sure to clean this mat on a regular basis to remove dirt and other bacteria.
  2. Have people remove their shoes while in your home. This will keep things like grass and dirt out.
  3. Clean your rug by vacuuming regularly.

Our trained staff can offer you plenty of tips and advice. All you have to do is give us a call to find out more! If you are wondering if your rug is due for a cleaning, here is some advice: If you pick it up and shake it, or hold up one end of it and gently kick it and dust or a bad odor comes up, then you are due to have it cleaned. If you rub your hands back and forth over the rug and then notice that your hands are dirty, then your rug needs to be cleaned. Lastly, if you can see dirt but you cannot remove it, then it is deeply embedded and you need to schedule an appointment to have your rug professionally cleaned. This is more than worthwhile in the long run because it will ultimately extend the life of your rug. We offer a variety of oriental rug cleaning services in Los Angeles. Our trained staff will come to your home and carefully inspect your rug in order to determine the fabric and materials and the proper cleaning solution that matches that fabric. They will be sure to know exactly what type of rug they are working with before they get to work. You can be assured that your oriental rug is in great hands with us. You will not be disappointed.

Reach out to us today for more information. If you’d like a free estimate, we can provide one. Just give us a call today to find out current specials that are going on. We are available 24/7 and offer other services such as water damage repair, regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. All you have to do is give us a call. Trust us – you will be glad that you did!

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